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The MHM program is designed to empower the graduates with necessary skills and abilities so as to manage the ever growing and highly competitive areas of hospitality management in a socially responsible, scientifically approached, and result oriented fashion.


  • Equip the students with required conceptual knowledge of hospitality industry and management.
  • Provide insight into the hospitality industry in practical and theoretical perspectives.
  • Develop skills in handling the hospitality industry operation with global context.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial capabilities in students through strategic thinking, problem solving, decision making, situational analysis and leadership.
  • Prepare effective change agents in Nepalese society especially for hospitality sector.
  • Provide a mix of knowledge of information technology, research methodology and managerial skills.
  • Prepare students to proceed on to higher studies in the fields of hospitality management.

The MHM Program is spread over four semesters (Two Years) with 69 credit hours.

SN Course Code Course Titles Credit Hours Remarks
Semester I
1 MHM 501 Management for Tourism  & Hospitality 3  
2 MHM 502 Economics of Leisure & Tourism 3  
3 MHM 510 Philosophical Foundations of Tourism & Hospitality 3  
4 MHM 512 Human Resource Management for Tourism & Hospitality 3  
5 MHM 515 Management Accounting for Tourism  & Hospitality 3  
6 MHM 508 Accommodation Operations Management 3  
  Total Credit Hours   18  
Semester II
7 MHM 507 Financial Management for Tourism & Hospitality 3  
8 MHM 504 Organizational Behavior 3  
9 MHM 506 Quantitative Analysis for Tourism & Hospitality 3  
10 MHM 524 Adventure Tourism 3  
11 MHM 513 Service Marketing 3  
12 MHM 509 Food & Beverages Management 3  
  Total Credit Hours  18  
Semester III
13 MHM 523 Global Marketing for Tourism  & Hospitality 3  
14 MHM 516

MHM 519
Elective I in Tourism :
Aviation Management Or
Elective I in Hospitality
 Event Management
15 MHM 505 Entrepreneurship for Tourism & Hospitality 3  
16 MHM 511 Applied Research 3  
17 MHM 517 Policy Analyses Seminar in Tourism and Hospitality 3  
18 MHM 522 Facility Management for Tourism & Hospitality 3  
  Total Credit Hours 18  
Semester IV
19 MHM 514 Sustainable Development for Tourism & Hospitality 3  
20 MHM 518 E-Tourism 3  
21 MHM 503 Strategic Management for Tourism and Hospitality 3  
22 MHM 602 Thesis Research 6  
Total Credit Hours  15  
Grand Total 69  
MHM Fee Structure
S.No. Particular First Semester Second Semester Third Semester Fourth Semester Grand Total
1 Admission & Registration 18,200/-          -         -          -  
2 Security Deposit 5,000/-          -          -          -  
3 Extra-Curricular Activities (Seminar, Workshop & Internal Exam) 25,000/-          -          -          -  
4 Maintenance 7,000/-          -          -          -  
5 Tuition Fees & Other Educational Expenses Pers Semester Expenses
Tuition Fees 15,000/-
Other Expenses - 36,000/-
94,800/- 1,00,000/- 25,000/- 25,000/-  
  Total 1,50,000/- 1,00,000/- 25,000/- 25,000/- 3,00,000/-

All amounts are in Nepalese rupees. The above-mentioned course fees are subject to change.
  • The first installment of Rs. 150,000 must be paid at the time of admission.  
  • All other installments should be paid within twenty-one days of commencement of each semester. (Failing to meet the deadline will be penalized with Rs. 10 per day till four weeks).
  • Students failing to deposit the fee within the grace period of 4 weeks without any genuine reasons shall not be allowed to continue with the degree.
  • All applicable examination fees, to be determined by Tribhuvan University, must be paid before each semester examinations.
  • Cost for tours & excursions, sport events, cultural function etc. shall be calculated and collected on a pro-rata basis from the students at the time of event.
  • The cost of the designated uniform and journals shall be borne by the students
  • In case of accidents and injuries inflicted upon the students, the academy will provide First Aid treatment as available at the academy
  • The additional fee should be borne by students for the internship program inside or outside Nepal, if applicable.
Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must have completed BHM or BTTM with minimum second division (CGPA of 2.0 or Letter Grade of ‘C’),or Bachelor Degree in any discipline with minimum second division and two years of work experience in hospitality industry. The applicants must have studied English as a Compulsory Subject.
The students aspiring to join MHM are screened through two stages of admission tests. In the first stage, the interested candidates should appear for the CMAT conducted by Trib huvan University. To appear in this test, applicants should fill application form enclosing the following documents:
  • Marksheet & Character certificates of all previous degrees
  • Transcript, Character Certificate and Migration Certificate or equivalent certificate
  • Two recent passport size photographs.
The applicants securing pass marks in CMAT are eligible to appear for the second stage of admission test. The second stage of admission test consists of Group Discussion & Personal Interview. On the basis of cumulative marks obtained by the students in the CMAT and the Group Discussion and Personal Interview; a merit list is published and the qualified candidates can get admission in the MHM program at NATHM.